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Sena New York is a new collection of men's jewelry designed by Felipe Sena and inspired by New York City. Working with his colleague, product developer Jonathan Larrazabal, Felipe imagined the sterling silver and vermeil rings, bracelets, and neck pieces as a man's defining objects reflecting his personal taste, style, and status.

“Coming from Montevideo, Uruguay, my dream was to live in New York City. This experience has influenced me both as a man and as a designer. To create my first collection of sterling silver men’s jewelry, I was inspired by the idea that every man has his ‘defining object’: something that he relates to every time he looks at it, be it his car, wristwatch, sunglasses, or ring.” — Felipe Sena

They call their inspiration 'Industrial Chic,’ which utilizes masculine textures and simple forms that a man will find understated and fashionable. The heavy weight and quality of the silver, as well as the designs themselves convey a sense of confidence and luxury. Bold, sleek, and daring for the man with an edge, this artisan brand is all about design.

The items in their first collection include a ring, cuff bracelet, pendant, and chain, each avail- able in both sterling silver and 18k gold-plated options.

All of Sena’s products are crafted in sterling silver and manufactured at their factory in New York City. 


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